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Marine landscape

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Marine landscape
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Detailed Description

View of a Normandy seascape, drawn from the rapid and material brushwork of the master J.Buch holz 1950. Signed lower left 3.5 cm the frame

antique dealer

Caterina Fuoco Milano, Via San Giovanni sul Muro 17/21 (Milano - Italy)

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antiquario Spectandum Robert Houpels, Fauvistic Landscape, Oil on Canvas 890.00€
antiquario Thomas Fine Art Interior Scene, with a Girl Undressing. Tatyana Yenikeyeva 2100€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl tempera and watercolor on paper Franco Rognoni (1913-1999) 1800€
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antiquario Thomas Fine Art Concert. Moses Feigin 0€
antiquario Mobili del Passato srl Tempera painting on masonite Franco Rognoni (1913-1999) 2000€
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antiquario Spectandum Walasse Ting (1929-2010 ), Night, Lithography, Framed 1056.00€
antiquario Enrica Pasino Large canvas fish 1500€
antiquario The English House, Antiques & Interiors / Old master painting, "Coastal landscape" 2.380€
antiquario Original Chesterfield "Observing" oil painting on canvas, signed Brescianini 2700€
antiquario Arte Tres Gallery Double composition by Francisco Camps Ribera oil / panel M 3500€
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